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Hey Readers,

I found this great site Linkbucks, I’ve been earning a decent bit of extra cash to spend just on the site!

I’ve created a site which will help you earn with linkbucks, it has every guide to it and also if you keep checking back I occasionly add new guides and just for my readers im putting in how I earn that no one else knows about,

so feel free to come and take a look at my site, Its easy to use and a simple layout so its not too confusing and not too over the top. There is no annoying advertisements down the side, except one small thing right at the bottom which isnt annoying at all, thats there because of the free hosting I have at the moment, Looking to upgrade soon! Which will be paid by Linkbucks!

Thanks for reading this, heres the URL to my site;


Theres a secton to chat if you need help, just leave a comment and your E-mail and I’ll get back to you or you can just post and check back later to see my response. Im looking for feedback on my site, and just ask if you would like something added or even if you have a technique up there that your happy to share, please drop me a line so I can add it, but if you dont want to, thats fine, Im always looking for new ways to earn using linksbucks!


Just one more time, and I’ll catch ya on the other side,

Thanks, Zakkeh!


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