When A Woman’s Fed Up (1998): R. Kelly

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Artist: R. Kelly

Song: “When A Woman’s Fed Up”

Album: R.

Label: Jive Records

A word of caution to viewers… this video is best viewed if you’re at home, cuddled up with your chick on the couch with the lights dimmed low or if you’re simply at home, drunk and depressed out of your mind. 

R. Kelly delivers us his third official single and music video “When A Woman’s Fed Up”  from his third solo album titled “R.”. R. Kelly decides to step away from oscar potential church choirs, big and sweeping epic shots, flashy clothes, and Hype Williams-ish fish-eyed lens shots to create a lowly hood-friendly and down-to-earth ‘homie’ music video set in the hood of Chicago, IL.

R. Kelly loses yet another one of his lady friends. While he’s busy singing to us from his apartment, his car, and on the street about he misses her and how he can’t get back with her because she’s stuck in ‘PMS mode’ (thanks to what he did), she’s getting advice from her best girl-friend and then goes to see another guy who tells her to leave that fool of an R&B singer alone and kick it with him instead. 

That pretty much sums up the whole music video. Oh yes and then we R. Kelly’s nonsensical closing lines to the song about how his lady was raised in Illinois and knows how to cook, blah, blah, blah. Thanks, R. Kelly, like we really needed to know all of that extra information.


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