Did You Ever Think… – Remix (1999): R. Kelly ft. Nas

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Artist: R. Kelly ft. Nas

Song: “Did You Ever Think (Remix)”

Album: R. 

Label: Jive Records

In the music business, when in doubt of your style, always fall back on something you did before and act like it’s new all over again. I guess that’s the lesson one can learn from watching this trite.

R. Kelly’s “Did You Ever Think (Remix)” follows “Half on a Baby”, “Home Alone”, and “When A Woman’s Fed Up” in the line of singles and music videos from R. Kelly’s third solo album, “R.”. I guess he got bored with the low-profile direction of “When A Woman’s Fed Up” and decided to go back to the Puff Daddy route (remember “Gotham City” and it’s equally horrible remix from ’97?) with flashy cars, giant shiny suits, and extremely colorful sets that resemble a Hype Williams music video. Oh yes and let’s not forget the trademark sunglasses now.

This video goes back to the gangster setting of his “Down Low (Nobody Has to Know)” (1996) video from a ways back when. Except this time, we have R. Kelly as the don of the mob family and Nas as his don-guest (or consigliere, rather). Yeah. That’s about it. No plot, nothing, zip. Outside of that, the music video is as flat as a watered down soda.

And so we watch as the combined Rap and R&B duo perform and dance around a giant mansion, a bright red and fancy parking garage with old school vehicles, and a big round gold room that looks like it was recycled and re-painted right out of the video for Puff Daddy’s “Been Around The World (Remix)”.


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