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Doing simple surveys and offers on a great site like CashCrate will give you instant income. In only a few minutes of doing the surveys you will see revenue coming in to your account. It is also a great way to earn a nice passive income.

You are going to have to sign-up for an account on CashCrate (it’s free). After you sign-up you should take a look at the forum section. There are a lot of helpful discussion in that forum that will give you pointers on making money with CashCrate. I recommend you take a good look at the Guide to Completing Offers on Cashcrate section for tips on getting your offers approved so you can get paid. They also post which offers have approved today in another section.

Do the daily surveys every day. You are given two a day which can come up to a nice $40+ a month. It is a good to do the free offers. Make a goal for yourself of doing a few each day. It can range any where from 1 to 10 each day. It all depends on how much time you have to do them. You could try to average 4 dollars a day if you want. If you get that, at the end of the month you would have earned at least $120.

As I said, you can create a residual income using CashCrate. The key to doing this is to recruit referrals. Every time your referral does an offer you will earn commission of 20% on your first level. On your second level of referrals you will receive a 10% commission. The second level  are from referrals that your referral gets. There are some people on CashCrate who have made over $1,000+ with the use of gaining referrals.

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