The Wait is Finally Over

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My son finally got his orders and knows where he will be going after his coming home on leave.

Finally the wait is over. I have been quite a mess since June when my youngest son joined the Navy. He finishes school and graduates at the top of his class next Wednesday. He will be coming home for a couple of weeks and then he will be off to his new base.

Till now we did not know where he would be stationed and if he would be staying on American soil or leaving for places unknown. My heart has been very heavy with all of this, although I know this was his choice to join and be a solider.

Well last night the news finally came. My worry of the Middle East had finally come to a head and now I would know what God’s plan for my baby was to be.

He will be stationed in Mississippi, but will be leaving there as soon as he checks in for Japan! I can not explain my feelings when I got this news. Relief! No Iraq! No Afghanistan! No Pakistan! Thank God!

My little Sea Bee will be seeing the world and I will be seeing it through his eyes. (Thank God I gave him that digital camera for Boot Camp Graduation…lol) I feel as though a giant cloud lifted and now I can see the sun again.

I am so very proud of him for first of all doing what he wanted to do. So many of us say that we would like to do this or that, but never seem to find a way to do it. He chased his dream of being a soldier and protecting this Country. He wants to help people and now he can. Second, at how hard he worked to get top of the class. When I spoke with him he sounds exhausted. He told me how hard he has been working to get the recognition he has been working for and he did it! The Navy will not only give him more pay for this but also will give him special recognition for his accomplishment. And third, he wanted to see the world, and now he is on his way.

Words for me are hard to find through the tears that flow from my eyes. Happiness, relief, Pride, and many more to explain what I am feeling.

I want to thank all of my friends here, who have given me wonderful support in all of this. Without you, this would not have been as easy for me as you have made it. You are all my hero’s!


This is a picture of My Son Ethan and me when I first saw him in Chicago after he graduated from Boot Camp. I did not want to let go of him…Proud Mommie!


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