Satan Is Reason Itself

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Is Satan reason itself?  This question to me implies that our knowledge is evil.  If our knowledge is evil, is it all of our knowledge or just parts of our knowledge that is evil, and who decides?  Would a “truth” like this mean that Satan is not evil, and that maybe God is?  I do not agree with any of these ideas but they are questions that have been posed in class and in my mind after considering questions from class. 

First to deal with the very satanic view that God is the bad one and Satan the good.  I have looked over “The Satanic Bible” by Anton Sandzor LeVey and could not say that it sounded at all to me like it was anything to do with the view of Satanism that I had been taught.  I didn’t find any blood sacrifice or killing or even any real anarchy.  I did find organization and a man who was very upset with the God he still believed in.   I would say the answer to this question lies within a persons beliefs.  For my own personal beliefs, I don’t really think either of these “characters” really exists.  So for me to say which is good and which is evil would be ludicrous.     

Do I think knowledge is evil?  Of coarse I don’t think knowledge is evil.  I think people who say knowledge is evil are the actual evil in this world.  Anybody that would deny knowledge of anything stand to oppress and to control.  The corny old saying that knowledge is power seems to be the best way for me to put it.  I would add to it the power over people that would control and manipulate you. 


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