Is it necessary for religion to have a concept of wrong doing?

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I don’t feel that it is necessary to have a concept of wrong doing for a religion to exist.  I think the things that people do should be seen as learning experiences.  Nothing is either good or bad, but something of value, as knowledge is valuable.   Balance is another reason why I don’t feel necessity in there being “wrong”.  As I see it everything should be balanced, not too much right, not too much wrong.  When you look at it like this, right and wrong just seem to merge together and loose the connotations.  When life is seen as relative, good and evil no longer exist, everything just is.  Everything is part of a greater whole, and all parts are necessary, and because they are necessary, there is no right or wrong, only like and dislike.   

Having a concept of wrong doing to me generates fear.  Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering.  I don’t like to be afraid of what is going to happen to me if I don’t do what I am supposed to do the way I am told I must.   Everybody makes mistakes, and hopefully everybody learns from them.  But people learn from the positive things that happen during their lives as much as they do from the unpleasant.

I think religion, and society for that matter, would benefit greatly from a positive learning environment with encouragement and understanding as apposed to punishment for not having all the answers.  No one will ever have all the answers.  We need to stop pretending that we are supposed to know everything and do our best to foster growth and understanding.  If we simply realize that we are not perfect, but continue each day to try and better ourselves, then understanding and acceptance cannot remain forever ostracized.


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