Holiday Decorating Tips to Add Sparkle

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SPARKLE A VASE: Add some glitter to a glass or holiday vase. You can even get spray glitter now at retail stores and craft stores. Simply clean the glass or holiday vase well and spray it with your glitter. You could use gold, silver, red, green, or any color that you choose to add sparkle to your vase. Once you let the vase dry you could display holiday flowers in it or holiday candy. You could even hang candy canes around the edge of it.

SPARKLE A PLATE: Add glitter to a fancy holiday plate to hang on the wall to add to your holiday decor. Using an old Christmas plate that has faded or lost its shine, you could give life to it again by glittering it or adding a shiny clear coat to it. Simply hang it on a plate rack on the wall for a beautiful Christmas display of decoration.

SPARKLE WRAPPING PAPER: Using an old picture frame that you have lying around the house make a sparkling wall display. Wrap the old frame in your favorite Christmas wrapping paper. Use two or three frames, if you have a place to hang them. Take the frames outside and spray them with glitter. Once they dry, you will have beautiful sparkly wall decor to add for the holidays. Simply hang these wrapped picture frames beside of the Christmas tree to look like gifts hanging on the wall.

SPARKLE OLD DECOR: If you have old Christmas decor lying around in storage containers that you no longer use, look through it. You may find some old holiday decorating pieces that you would like to use again. All you will need to do to spruce them up is wash them off a little and spray them with glitter or a clear coat to make them look shiny and new for the holidays. Do not be scared to try it, because you are not using them anyway, right? So what do you have to lose?


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