How to Keep from Becoming Overwhelmed as a Mom

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STOP AND THINK: If you find yourself giving your child a bath, but your mind is wondering to another task that needs done, tell yourself to stop! You need to fully concentrate on your child and their bath time. If your mind is nagging you to go grab the ringing telephone while your child is in the bath or go throw the clothes in the washer into the dryer to get them done faster, DON’T! While you are off doing these things, something could happen in the bathtub, even if you think it won’t. Your child could drown. It only takes a few seconds.

DON’T MULTITASK: Multi-tasking has seem to become the way for every American mom. If you can multi-task then you are accomplished, right? Wrong! Multi-tasking is simply thinking about the next item on your list to be completed while you are finishing the task at hand. All this leads to is not completely finishing the task you are working on or not finishing the task correctly. For example, if you are baking cookies, while thinking about the bills that need to be filled out and you go to get the bills to work on while the cookies are baking, guess what? The cookies burnt! So, not only are you not getting the bills done now, but you are dealing with cleaning up the burnt cookies, that it did not good to bake anyway, because now they are not edible.

SLOW DOWN: So the lesson is, as a mom. Slow down, take your time, and do not be down on yourself for tasks that you do not get accomplished in one day. If you are doing the best you can, without being too overwhelmed, then you are doing awesome! You need to tell yourself that and get involved in a moms club for more support and being able to relate to other moms who feel less than perfect too, but are dealing with it, because NO ONE is perfect.


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