Being Addicted To The Work Of The Kingdom

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Alcohol is addictive and it comes in many forms and I will list some.Beer, wine, liquor, and the one nobody thinks’ about is liquid medication with alcohol ingredients. All these can be addictive if introduced into our blood and our brain on a daily basis.Alcohol Poisoning can be result of binge drinking and this can also be addictive to the teenage and the college group of people.Methamphetamine is also addictive and can be used and found in many forms. It is also called many things like ice, crack, or crank and there are many other names for this drug.Huffing is addictive and a preferred high for some because it is a cheap and easy way to get their kicks. All they need is something to inhale like paint thinner or airplane glue or something more common in your home like hair spray or nail polish.Marijuana has been around for a long time and is also addictive and most of the time the preferred way for people to get this drug into their system is to smoke it in the form of a cigarette. People also eat and drink marijuana and there are those that are stuck in the 60s and 70s and use the bong or water pipes.Now that I have told you about the many things people are addicted to let me tell you now that the one way to be free of all these addictions is to be addicted to God and his word and to Jesus and doing the work of ministering to people about Jesus and the kingdom of heaven.The bible subject in the book of first Corinthians chapter sixteen and verse fifteen encourages people to be addicted to the ministry of the word of God. If we were all to follow this instruction it would be the best addiction you could have.


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