Give the Bride to Be a Recipe Book

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RECIPE BOOK OR BOX: First you will need to search for a recipe book or a recipe box that comes with individual recipe cards that can be written on. Try to find a book or box that will go the either the theme of the bride to be’s kitchen or the theme of her wedding or bridal shower. For example, if the bride is going to have a vineyard themed kitchen, then try to find a recipe book or box with grapes on it. This way her recipe book or box and recipe cards will match her kitchen. It simply adds to the fun.

SEND OUT INVITATIONS: When you send out the invitations to the bride to be’s bridal shower, make sure to send a recipe card with each one of the invitations. Let everyone know that besides getting the bride to be a gift, they should also give her one of their favorite kitchen recipes right out of their own kitchen. It could be a family secret recipe or simply one that they and their family really like. You may want to put some rules, like to recipes with nuts, if the bride to be and her future husband don’t like nuts. Or you could simply let everyone give whatever recipes they want to give. Make sure that they know to write their recipe for the bride to be on the recipe card provided and to remember to bring it with them to the shower. They can simply attach it to the gift or stick it in the card with the gift.

BRIDAL SHOWER: On the day of the shower, present the bride to be with her recipe box or book and let her know that everyone will be giving her a recipe card with a new recipe wrote on it for her to use in her kitchen after she gets married. Let her know that everyone took the time to write down a recipe to share with her and her future husband. She will be surprised and thrilled with the gift that will last her a lifetime.


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