How to Write the Perfect Article Title

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Adapted from my original article How to Write an Article Title with the Best SEO.

When you write the title for your Bukisa article there’s a lot to think about.  While many people overlook the title, it’s just as important as any other part of the article.  See, the main way people find Bukisa articles is through search engines. Having the best SEO (search engine optimization) will make sure your article ranks higher thank the other search results.  That’s the biggest key to an article’s success. While there are several components to getting the best SEO, it all starts with your article title.


Step 1.  Your title should be based around some keywords.  Every article has two types – SEO keywords and ad keywords.  The SEO ones control search placement. The ad keywords control what ads are display on your page.  Ideally you want the highest paying ad keywords – but as you’ll see, those aren’t always the best SEO keywords.  Forget about the ads for a second – while they’re equally as important, your title should focus primarily on the best SEO keywords so you can get the best SEO possible.

Step 2.  You want to pick a title that will get you at the top of those search pages. Getting the best SEO for your title is a lcot less complicated than people will tell you.  While there are entire SEO firms dedicated to the task, the average user can simply surf over to Google.  We’re going to run some searches to find out what the best ones are.

Step 3.  Pretend your article already exists. Think about what you would search for if you were trying to find it.  For instance, if you’re writing an article like about finding tickets to a sold out concert, you might type searching for “sold out concert tickets” or “buy ticket sold out”.

Step 4. The results that come up are the ones that currently have the best SEO – otherwise known as your competition.  If there are a lot of results offering exactly what you typed, you may want to try searching for some new keywords. If there aren’t many results fitting the exact topic, then you’ve probably found a good phrase. The idea is that once you write the article, it will appear at the top of Google next time you search this phrase.

Step 5. When you create the title, try to include the main keywords toward the beginning.  To get the best SEO, also include those words in the beginning of your first paragraph.  Remember those ads I mentioned? Be aware that your title will also have an impact on the page’s ads (especially on the upper left hand side).  The best SEO won’t be very helpful if your page doesn’t have high paying ads.  If you have trouble getting the ads you want, you can use the end of your title as a last resort. See this article’s title, for example!

Additional Tip

When you’re trying to get the best SEO on a site, it’s usually recommended that you put keywords in your URL.  Bukisa will take care of this for you since your URL is based on your article title.


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