Host a Christmas Breakfast Party

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INVITATIONS: Let everyone that you are inviting know what day your Christmas breakfast party will be. The best day to hold it is the Saturday before Christmas, this way your home is already decorated and cleaned and ready for guests. Let everyone know in the invitation that they should simply wear their PJ’s. Have them bring a side dish or drinks if you would like. Give them a list so that they have plenty to choose from. You should also let them know that everyone will be doing a Christmas craft to take home, or you could play a game if you would like. Make it fun and be creative. Let everyone know about how long the party will last, usually 2 hours is plenty of time for these types of parties. So from about 8 to 10 or 9 to 11 should be sufficient.

PARTY TIME: When everyone arrives on the morning of your Christmas breakfast party, have breakfast baking and almost complete. You want breakfast to fresh out of the oven or off the stove when everyone arrives. Consider baking a breakfast casserole, with eggs, sausage or bacon mixed in, sprinkle some hash browns on top with some cheese and bake. This will be a sure hit casserole to serve at your breakfast Christmas party. Once everyone has finished eating, you can either start playing your Christmas game or start the craft. The craft could be making Christmas cookies that everyone gets to take home or making home made Christmas cards.

If you are letting your daughter have this party with her friends, send the invitations with her to school the week before the party, so that the parents will know when and where it is. Include directions if needed and a phone number to contact you by. If you are simply inviting your own friends over for the party, you can call them the week before you have your party to invite them or you could send e-mail invitations.


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