Little People Big World – Season One now on DVD!

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I can’t honestly state that I have ever spent much time mulling over the lives of “little people” – they are humans and go through life basically like the rest of us, right?

This show was – I think – the first show (airing in 2006) where we are actually invited into the lives of a family of 6, of whom, the parents, Matt and Amy Roloff are little people and it showed me that, I was correct, they do go through life as regular people, only they have some different hurdles to climb.


At first I thought this show would be a little condescending and, perhaps, a clichéd look into the lives of people of small stature, but I was pleasantly surprised at my findings. Honestly, I didn’t watch much of the first season due to my preconceptions, and tuned in out of idle curiosity toward the end, I enjoyed the show so much that I tuned in for subsequent seasons and actually watched the=2 0re-runs of season one – just to get a little more insight into what made these people farmers – you could tell by watching that they were not “born into” that genre of industry.


It came to pass that we discover in season one, that Matt was a successful businessman who was laid off and wished to fulfill his ambition of growing his own business (no pun intended). He was attempting to establish a co-business he founded that provided hospitality aids for little people. Toward the end of season one, we see him take on a position a salesman in an effort to provide for his family….. As we watch the show in following seasons, we see that his determination paid off and he was to become an owner/operator of a rather large farm in Oregon. He works diligently within his community and has become very highly respected from what we can view. I still can’t find the connection between being a business man in Silicone Valley and running a farm – well, that’s why this was HIS dream and not MINE !


Amy Roloff was a stay at home mother in the days of Matt’s’ employment in the business world and we watch as she now juggles work as a teacher and soccer coach with raising her family. She is a smart and able woman and often, ones heart break s for her as she deals with the illnesses and complications that her son Zach faces.


I was amazed to be introduced to their children, 8 year old Jacob, 12 year old Molly and twins, Jeremy and Zach – all average height (and taller – Jacob is 6’) except for one of the twins! Zach too, is a little person. I had personal thoughts where I imagined myself as a little person, scolding a child who stood one and a half feet taller than me!! That alone felt intimidating to me!


There is not really a “storyline” as such in this reality show, but it uncovers the difficulties that little people face on a daily basis – things that you or I may very well take for granted – driving, shopping etc., yet they manage with great success and after a while of watching, one barely recognizes that these people have dwarfism! I kept watching this show for no other reason than the family was so engaging, that you wanted to see what happens next in their lives, wishing them well, all the way.


It’s not an outstanding show as far as “action” or “controversy”, although it is groundbreaking from the point of view that it is following a family that, to us, are a little “different”, but honestly, they are really no different than you and I. I would suggest watching it if for no other reason than to finally view a show where all preconceptions are left at the door. No tongue in cheek, or token cheap shots are made at this family, no high school humor or disparaging situations are anywhere to be found in this tasteful and honest look into a regular family of little people trying to fit in to an oversized world!


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