Make Your Christmas Dessert Recipes Healthier and Less Fattening

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DIET CAN OF SODA: A diet can of soda can be used in cakes in substitute for eggs and butter. You can make a delicious, moist cake by simply using a cake mix and one can of any kind of diet soda. You could use a lemon/lime soda, or a cherry soda, even an orange soda with a white cake is good as well. There are many options to make cake with diet soda that are delicious. So try one of these, they are so moist that they don’t even need to be iced.

ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS: One of the most common ideas for making desserts lower in calories and better for diabetics to eat is using artificial sweeteners. There are more and more artificial sweetener varieties available all of the time it seems. There is Sweet-n-Low, Splenda, Equal; however, Splenda makes it easier to use their artificial sweetener to bake with, making it available in larger bags, where you can simply measure out how much you need. Splenda also makes their sweetener packets with fiber in them now, which is an excellent way to help get in your daily fiber.

APPLE SAUCE: Apple sauce is an excellent substitute to use for eggs and oil as well in many recipes. You could use this in cakes, pies, cookies, and more. Again, using apple sauce really makes things more moist when it comes to making the desserts with this option.

OILS: There are also different oils that you can use instead of using butter or lard that can help cut down on fat and calories in your desserts. You could use anything from peanut oil to canola oil for a healthier choice.

CANNED PUMPKIN: Canned pumpkin is another option to use in cakes and a variety of dessert recipes. Since canned pumpkin doesn’t have sugar or many calories, it is a great substitute, again, for eggs and oil in cake or cookie recipes. It makes the dessert recipes very moist and sweet tasting. You could simply use a box of cake mix and a can of pumpkin for a delicious, moist cake that won’t even need to be iced, unless you want to ice it.


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