How to Make Flan

Flan Napolitano


*5 eggs

*1 can of condensed milk


*1 teaspoon of vanilla


*a pot with water

*a mold with 22 centimeter diameter

*a blender

*aluminum paper


In the blender, put the eggs, the milks, the vanilla and mix until the ingridients are fully mixed together.

Put caramel on the mold and put the mix in too. Cover the mold with Aluminum paper, put the mold on the pot and put on the stove during one hour.

After the time on the stove is over, take out the mold and let it still until it is no longer hot. Put the mold on the fridge and enjoy it cold.

It is a delicious dessert for the whole family and it is great for parties,gatherings,family occasions, and even for your own bakery shop. I bet you that it will be selling more than hot fresh bread.The best part of the delicious dessert is that when you put it in your mouth…yumm!!! it has a caramel,delicious,sweet taste inside your mouth that leaves you smiling and wanting some more. You just can’t take a bite of it and be finished.After that first bite, you just can’t stop eating flan and I bet you that you will love it, enjoy it, and share it to your whole family. Once again, a delicious dessert for everyone from the oldest to the smalles child in your entire family.Enjoy it with a cup of milka and i bet you that you will be asking for some more even after you have gotten full. Love it, enjoy it, and share it.

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