How to Turn 1 Bukisa Article Into TONS!

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Adapted from my original article How to Turn One eHow Article Into Many.

The longer you write Bukisa articles, the more likely you are to become stumped. No matter how long you’ve stared at that page, you just can’t come up with a new idea. As you might imagine, this is very common in online writing jobs. So how to do the pros have so many articles? One of the secrets to online writing is expanding on previous concepts. With a little practice, this method promises to give you more ideas than you know what to do with.


Step 1. Go back through your collection of online writing (be it Bukisa or otherwise) and find the most general topics. What have you become better at? What do you now know more specifics about? Which articles only “scratched the surface” of the topic? Write down each of these topics or general ideas.

Step 2. Look at each item in your list and create some related titles for potential articles. Deviate from the topic you wrote about previously. Create a new take on the subject. It doesn’t matter if these are award winning writing ideas – just force yourself to write them down. Depending on your online writing style, you might be able to look at each paragraph of an article and get a new idea from it. Again, these don’t have to be amazing ideas. There’s no bad ideas in brainstorming.

Step 3. Organize your new list of potential article ideas from best to worst. By this point you should already have some ideas for what you really want to say in a few articles; those would obviously go at the top. Some of the ideas you got in brainstorming may be laughably bad – don’t take them off the list! You never know, they might just give you a good idea later on.

Step 4. Write up quick outlines for as many of the article ideas as you can. The outlines don’t have to be complicated – just the three to six steps that would appear in the article. If you get stuck for too long on one in particular, move on and come back to it. Having these drawn out will make all the online writing easier.

Step 5. When you’ve exhausted your outlining, do your online writing – offline. Pick one of the article ideas and turn each step of the outline into a short paragraph. When you’ve written a paragraph for each step you’ll have your article! Before you know it, you’ll have a ton of articles written up.

Additional Tips

  • You may want to mix up the articles when you publish your online writing. Articles don’t seem to do as well if there are bunches of them on the same subject going up at once.
  • Save the articles on your computer and put a few up everyday.

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