Eenadu Telugu News Paper on Sunday

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Eenadu is a Telugu News paper published mostly in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is a daily Telugu news paper in Andhra Pradesh. Of all the days this paper is published, it is on Sunday some interesting things can be found to read.

It has competition from other Telugu News Papers as well, that are also daily news papers. They are Vaartha, Sakshi, AndhraJyoti, AndhraBhoomi etc.

It is Special on Sunday

There are some special things about this news paper on Sunday compared to other days. Normally this paper contains sections on country wide new, state wide news, sports, and a separate page called Vasundhara on tips for homely women, also movie and business related information. The other section you would have guessed is the section on city. In Andhra Pradesh state, there are many cities in different districts where it gets printed and distributed to its subscribers. For a given city this section gives news information related to within that city only.

On Sundays this paper also adds another section like a magazine section.

Special Magazine on Sunday

This Sunday special magazine contains lot of interesting information. It first starts with a cartoon section on state and country related politics or hot current events, special section on a place or person who had done something different and useful for the society. It also features a cover story with multiple page length on a topic that is most relevant around the time of publication. This can be about anything, place, country, movies, actors/actresses, violence, social issues, political party etc.

This makes the half of the magazine. Then the rest half contains the really entertaining part. It contains puzzles, crosswords in Telugu, cartoon drawing and other interesting information or questions. These are very entertaining and fun for kids. For adults too, these give a much needed relaxation on a Sunday. Then there will be pages filled with a short story, interesting information with pictures (like some amazing facts etc.), then a crime story (under section Idi Katha Kaadu). These stories are all entertaining to read on a day like Sunday.

It finally ends with the last page on Telugu classical books. This section describes and gives cost, publisher information about few telugu classical books. Some are worth trying if you find that they are relevant for your career, life etc.

Special Vasundhara on Sunday

In the Vasundhara section on Sundays there will be even more interesting news because there will not be much information for Business as stock markets are closed on Saturday which would have taken a page of it. Last Sunday Magadheera movie Audio was released whose movie is yet to be released in the coming weeks. This movie has special talk due to popularity of people associated with it. Sometimes special news like these are featured in the Sunday edition of Eenadu Telugu News paper.

Special Cost on Sunday

The cost is also special on Sunday for this paper. I don’t know if this really matters because the advertising is almost same or even more on Sundays on this paper. Hence they should charge lesser. On week days it costs 3 Rupees, but on Sunday it costs 4 rupees. Perhaps this could be due to special popularity on Sunday. Many people subscribe to Eenadu paper on Sunday more than other days due to special feature and also their free time to read.


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