What to do to earn quick cash at your spare time

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The economic recession creates too much room for all of us to think twice about inventing other means to survive. And of course we must live on, hoping that everything will be alright.

There are hundreds of ‘how-to’ that teaches us what to do BUT I am going to point out these simple and humble ways that you can earn cash faster than you think.

1)      What do you specialised in? Can you fix a broken pipe? Do you know how to weld in that solder? Or can you plait hair prettily? What about barbing? Put up short notice to advertise yourself. You can create little pieces of Ad and drop them off at the local stores in your community. These maybe the lists of what you will include;

a)     Short announcement,

b)     Your competence

c)      And your telephone number and email.

d)     This is optional though; you home address. Many people fear the idea of including their home address for security reason. It’s left for you to decide if you want to include that or not.

USE a word processor to create the announcement and PLEASE make it clean and professional in print.

2)     Auxiliary Help – Many people are aware of the Old People’s home but they dread the idea of parting with their aged parents. They prefer staying together but their only solution will be to share the stay-in shift or seek someone at full-time or part-time to look after their aged ones. You can look out for this job. It may be in the evening or twice in a week. A two hours stand pays better than no job at all.

Taking care of aged-ones can be fun! They want to share their times with you, to talk about their histories or give you advises that you will profit from. I must confess, aged-ones are friendly to be with.

 3)     Laundry services – You can search for these in your neighbourhood. Get out the announcement as advised in STEP 1. Depending on the conveniences in your home, you may opt to operate the laundry services in your house. The clients will come in the morning with their bundles of dirty, rumpled clothes and return in the evening to collect the clothes, now clean and well-ironed.

4)     Baby-sitting – This is almost like the STEP 3 but here we are referring to taking care of kids. You still have to announce this too. If you make your home comfortable, clean and heaven-like, mothers in your local community willingly put their babies in your custody. You can as well accept to go to the house of the women to look after their babies because some of them may want you to come over to their homes instead.

5)     Teaching lessons – I know few folks who generate income from evening teaching lessons on Piano, English, and mathematic for KIDS. They have their morning jobs but at evenings, that go the homes of these kids to teach them privately. You can do this too. Why let your skills on Piano waste for nothing?

6)     Animal keeper – Many people love to keep dogs or cat but they have busy schedules. The thought of managing their times between their pets and their job seem so cumbersome. Imagine, it is not possible to shut up your dog all alone in the house from 8:00 in the morning until 17:00 in the evening! Dogs need their owners’ attention because you must take them out to poop and pee. If you are always at home or have stay-at-home job, you can add this or even condition doing this as full-time job. Make your advert known to people that you can keep their pets for them from morning to evening. Make your conditions know and have a huge shed or more built specifically for that. I bet, many people will rush to you for this with gladness and relieve!

7)     Pizza boy – This does not generally mean only for pizza business. It is still the same as post boy or girl. If you have the time and the knowledge of driving bikes and there is a pizza joint in your neighbourhood in dire need of someone to deliver his pizza for him, what are you waiting for?

8)    Bar girl – McDonald, KFC, and several fast foods are always ready to with part-time or evening jobs especially in summer season. You can contact them and be ready to work whenever they reply, which I believe they will, positively.

9)     Miscellaneous services – Explore these areas too for possibilities. You never know where your quick cash will come from.

Cut your prices down so that you can easily get more jobs and client.

DO NOT be ASHAMED to work unless you don’t want to make any living for yourself. Gone were those days when one can make choices anyhow. The society and the financial stress have thought us all to look out for alternatives.

DO NO fold your arms and then expect the cash to come. Go out to work for it or create on.


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