How to Make Extra Money

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Everyone wants to make extra money, but alot of people don’t know what type of job to go for to make the extra money.  Not everyone likes the typical nine to five office jobs.  Here are some ideas for jobs that arn’t the typical.

1.  If you love kids you could be a babysitter.  Babysitters are always needed and some pay very well.  All you have to do is watch the kids at home, play with them, and feed them.  You have a much better chance of getting hired if you are CPR certified.  It’s also better if you have your own transportation that way you can take the kid(s) to a playground or park for the day.

2.  You could become a dog walker.  Typical dog walkers charge per dog and per hour.  Usually walking one dog for one hour you can charge $20.  Now if you add a few more dogs to the mix you could easily be making alot of money each day.  Dogs need to be walked everyday so you would always have an income coming in. 

3.  Another job that pays well is housekeeping.  If you like to clean and know how to clean this is a very good job.  You can advertise yourself and can easily charge $20- $25/ hour.  You need your own transportation to get from house to house.  Depending on the size of the house and how long you want to work you could make about $100- $150 dollars a day if you have a steady line of homes to clean.  The best homes to find are vacation rentals  those need to be cleaned alot more then homes that are regularly lived in.

I hope that helps you to get the ball rolling to make extra money! 


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