What Vacation?

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What is a vacation? Is it a time to get away from it all? Is it a time to enjoy the company of family, friends, distant relatives or just plain unknowns? I am trying to figure out what a vacation is. Is it when someone else does all the cleaning, cooking, making the beds, setting the tables,etc.? Is it when a person can just sit back and relax away from the hustle and bustle of everyday pressures? I have never had an opportunity to enjoy a vacation and I would just like to know what it is.

Have you taken a vacation? How was it? If you have a child or children, did they enjoy the vacation with you? Do you work for a company that gives you a week or two off each year? Where did you go on your vacation? Disneyland? Dollywood? Grand Ole Opry? Beach? Rocky Mountains? Aspen? Grand Canyon? Branson, MO?

I am certain these are all wonderful places but I do not see myself ever getting to visit any one of them. I hope you enjoyed wherever you went and I hope you will continue to go on a vacation and get away from the everyday dulldrums.

 In the downturn of our economy today, it is more and more difficult for many people to think about a vacation. The many job losses, unemployment, higher cost of gasoline, higher cost of food, utility rates on the increase and so many other discouraging news’ stories. If we had competition and real capitalism at work, this economy would turn around and maybe someday I might actually get to find out what a vacation really is.


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