Are you block and don’t know what to write?

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Are you block and don’t know what to write about? Do you feel like a white page and no good or bad idea comes out, not to worry I think I have a good solution for you.

One is to look into your life; specially those experiences that you would like to change or if you have a time machine you would turn back time and twist them around or give them some spice; well why not doing it on paper after all a new story has to come from some where and that doesn’t mean that has to be 100% true so do it.

That way becomes as I said before into a new story for someone to read, even critizise and at the same time a good way (sometimes) to have some free therapy and some fun with it. I’ll plan to do that later on; truth be told I’m always doing it by the way.

Another good idea is to really look around because there is always a story to tell even if you think there’s nothing. Just like the other day my next door neighbor set up on his window a white sheet and after some hours the sheet was cover with paint; I found later on that was his way to paint and to create. What does this has to do with what I was saying before? Well that precise sheet, action of my neighbor caught my eye and I turn it into a story.

One that I find usefull in my case is to look for a god image in this webpage name; one that caugths your eye, specially look into the photographs, those in black and white and write some color on them.

Others would tell you that to know what to write you need to practice by writing each day something and after so many somethings conect everything you got; so you see there is not good reason to be a white page again.

You can’t use that excuse no more, get it?


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