How to Organize The Clutter

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Step 1:  Go through all of your clutter in your home. Throw things away that have no importance or have a garage sale to get rid of all the extra stuff, once you do this it can really help make extra space around your apartment or home and it can also help you get more organized in the long run. 

Step 2:  Find cute hat boxes, wooden baskets or wooden boxes, or anything that you like the style of where you can keep your things in.  I buy my boxes from the cheaper stores.  Choose the sizes that you need and sizes that will fit on top of shelves, that will make your desks or shelves look like there is more available space all around them. 

Step 3:  Put things that have the same purpose together, otherwise all you items will be mixed up and you won’t be able to find them. Doing this makes it much easier to find something more quickly when you really need it.  You can purchase large, medium and small boxes, I will buy wooden storage boxes that are the same in color and shape but in different sizes, this combination always lets you keep more things inside them and looks great in your home at the same time.  

Step 4:  Try to find the right place for your storage boxes. When placing the boxes in a certain place angle them on the shelves or ground, this look always works and looks great!  You can also place the storage boxes under your bed if you want it to seem like there is more room.


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