There was a time

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There was a time when the creativity flew in the air like oxigen but truth be told it seems in mexican soaps; that’s not the case.

Mexican soaps need to swim in the box of the memories or look for the creativity somewhere else like in another country. It seems like in Mexico; we don’t have writers to come out with new stuff to show the public. That’s so sad because every person out there has their own story to tell; specially those who like to write.

On the other hand someone come up with this idea; that I also thought of, to teach me that people think alike sometimes. Anyway the idea is to let the people share their stories and have a program to show them, like different kind of soaps, but the deal here, and cruel deal is like those who are going to participate in this are not going to receive the recognition and the money that they deserved. Of course that’s just a rumour that I heard not in first hand, but I don’t find it hard to believe it because everything it is possible in the show bussiness. So where are all the mexican writers now?

Well truth be told all mexican writers that are not so popular or yet haven’t found the way to show out there in the open their work are trying to do just that; a way to find recognition and to do what they love to do. On the other hand what I was saying before in the first paragraph; I have gotten to the conclusion that a repetion of some soap that happened not so long ago  or from another country gives the actors and actresses to give their own spice to the story and to the characters, but still, I believe mexican soaps they have a lack of imagination.


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