Life without Internet

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I know that many years ago we didn’t know what this was, even when it became a reality; some people didn’t know about it or could afford it, but now how can we live without it?

Thank God for the Internet Cafes like some would say. It’s truly necessary to have the Internet around because there are so many things out there that the Internet gives to us, but if for some reason you have to live without it, no having the opportunity to research the web; like google for information, they tell me that we used to look for it in books, dictionaries, life enciclopedia, even by asking our grown ups fellows; where all of that went away? I wonder.

If there is a time when you youngster have to live without the Internet and you feeling kind of lost because you can no longer play your video games in there; they tell me that out there we have some games that you can play with a ball in the park, play with your bycicle, go to the park, spent time with the family.

And if there is a time that you have to live without the Internet; specifically without the chat or pages like facebook, wireclub, twitter, etc. there is something out there call phone or conversations face to face. Of course these kind of pages give you the opportunity to talk to people all around the world.

Tecnology is really good and the reality is that when you meet it, know it and you know how to work it; it is a fact that you can’t live without it. But on the other hand tecnology is a way to become really dependent on it, do some stupid things or turn into a copy cat. But in good faith tecnology, specially the Internet is really good as I said before.

The bad use of the Internet is when sick people use it to make pornography and take advantage of kids and teenagers that know better and fell into this things. Another bad use of the Internet but not as bad as the one before is when kids need to do some paper, an essay and they find the topic on the Internet and they copy it; instead of take notes and do a work of their own. They are that stupid and pretend to be something that they are not.

But let me tell you something, have you ever realized that this kind of tecnology can save a lot of time, money, also oxigen. Let me explain; instead of writing on paper, you send an email, but in some countries they are use to this kind of use of tecnology,  per example: Resumes instead of wasting time delivering them in person you could send it through the Internet, but in some countries like Mexico that would be asking too much. You need to go and deliver in person your resume, waste that paper and that precious time and the probability of geting that job is that won’t be on your favor, let’s just imagine how much trees we have killed for nothing, just to mention one example. So please put the tecnology into good use and then really use it.


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