Is there someone out there for me?

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I’ve been asking to myself out loud this question and it is: Is there someone out there for me? I have gotten to the conclusion that the answer is not. Why is that people is so pesimistic about their own beings and not so much about other people. That has always been my problem. It is like when you look at the mirror and the only thing that you can see is that you are not so cute, a little fat to say the least and that you can be better. Always seeing the bad stuff about yourself. Why is that some need to hear from others the good in you when you can tell it to yourself every day when you wake up; I really don’t know and if you find the answer to that, please share it with me.

Always the same stuff, pessimissim, some not so good to be or be around, but life is as it is. That’s why I’m sharing this with you to get something out in the open and maybe, just maybe find the answer to my wondering.

On the other hand I have gotten to the conclussion too; that instead of asking myself that question that I wrote as a tittle; you and I need to ask ourselves each morning:

Are you ok?
Do you like yourself?
Is this going to be a good day?

And to all those three questions have a YES in mind and it would come to you, because it is the way you see yourself the way others see you.


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