Recipe for Happiness

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I am the originator of this message but I am not the originator of this recipe.

This recipe that I will list below was given to me by my sister from our mother and I do not know the originator of the recipe. It is an old recipe because my mother was over 83 years young when she left this world. I want to give credit to whomever wrote this recipe and distract from no one the greatness of its meaning.

Recipe for Happiness

Take a heart-shaped vessel, perfectly clean; pour into it one cupful of the “milk of human kindness”, four cups of flour-thehome queen brand, six eggs, beaten to the consistency of a “stiff upper lip”, two tablespoonfuls of forbearance, a pinch of salt that has not lost its savor, two teaspoonfuls of mirth baking powder, one teaspoonful of contentment; sweeten the compound with a cheerful disposition, cover with charity and bake in an oven heated by the price of love.

I wanted to share this with others and hope that others will get an understanding from its’ meaning.

I believe my mother lived by this recipe and had the unsurmountable patience that it takes to follow it.

Too many times today, life is such a rush that practicing this kind of recipe is nearly impossible. We need to step back and take a look at our lives and try to follow the “Recipe for Happiness” recipe. In the cycle of life, you may have only one opportunity to leave this world a much better place.

I hope you enjoyed it.


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