Why do celebrities get married so many times

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Why do movie stars or celebrities get married so many times? You would see their wedding photos in the magazine all the time. Before I worked in Hollywood, I thought that the marriages are real. I thought that celebrities get married because they love their partner but that’s not the case with some marriages. It’s not the case when it comes to a really famous celebrities or one that has a new movie or show coming out. There are a few reasons why they would do the fake marriages. There are some that are real and then there are some that was as artificial as the story in the movies.

You will be surprised but many Hollywood marriages are just for business matters and media coverage than the real deal. If you pay attention, you will see the relationship between their new york and their marriage or break up. Break ups are staged out too. Do you know how much attention they would get if they have a break up? The news and media would cover it and they will be on the front cover all over the world and this is nothing more than free marketing. It would cost them a lot of money to market a movie. If they get their face on the front of magazines nationwide then they have some free marketing. They also get paid for their stories. After learning this, I rarely pick up the magazine anymore. It’s one way for them to earn money and another way to get free publicity. Readers are angry or moved by their stories or break up but it could be fake.

When it comes to celebrity, you should be mindful about what you read in the magazine because not all of the fuzz is real. Writers can write what they want and they don’t know the whole truth either. It’s about rating most of the time. The rating increases their revenue so you have to think that way. The reason why I know that most marriages are not real is because I used to work behind the scene in Hollywood and I learned that a lot of things in Hollywood are just bluffing. They do it for publicity so that they can get their face out there in the public. Imagine if Eddie Murphy just made a movie and it’ll be out next week. During the week before that he had his wedding; he will have all of his photos all over the world on the front of magazine covers. The public will have his image in their mind. They will have a better knowledge of who he is and when they go to the theater, they might buy a ticket to see him. It’s just done to strengthen their image to the public. They also get money for their photos and stories.

Celebrities get million of dollars for their kid’s photos and their personal stories. You have to know that. If you were offered one million dollar for your wedding photo, you would want to do fake marriages and then just break up later. The average celebrity out there get married at least 5 times thorough their lives. Elizabeth Taylor had a lot of marriages. Michael Jackson got married when he was in court battling over child molestation charges. Why do you think he got married? He wanted to strengthen his male hood and have a good image in front of the public. He wanted to look like he was not gay or into kids. After his marriage, people wouldn’t look at him the same way anymore. Even Lisa Presley said that their marriage was just to strengthen the public image of him. She said that the marriage wasn’t all that great and she wasn’t always there with Michael. It wasn’t like a real marriage. How about his marriage with Debbie Row? It was just to make him look like he had a wife for those children but it was fake. Debbie said it on Huffington Post that the marriage was fake. She never kisses him or anything like that. She live din her own house and he lived on his own. He paid her to have those children for him and to give up her custody of those children.


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