How to control your PMS symptoms

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PMS is probably one of the worst experiences a woman could have during the month. I know whenever it comes to the end of the month I would be taking a lot of pain medication to get rid of PMS. There are some women that have fewer symptoms than other. Whenever I have PMS, I would get sick for days. I would get really sleepy and I can’t stay awake. I would get a backache and I cry. I cry for last ten years during my PMS time. It has to do with hormones. I cry every time and it’s almost hilarious. I expect it nowadays. Every month, I will get it. If you’re having PMS symptoms around your menstrual cycle, you can ignore it since it’s just PMS and it’ll go away several days after your period. You can always take over the counter medication to reduce your PMS symptoms. If you know its coming then you can control it.

Everyone will have different symptoms. There are some of us that have minor pain and then there are some of us that have major pain. I have to call in sick from work whenever I’m on my cycle. It’s that severe. My mom also has it too. She gets really sick whenever she is on her cycle. A lot of other women get really sick too. There are some that gets really angry and they will yell at you. I do get really agitated too but I try to control it. I make a conscious decision to ignore my agitation since it’s just around my PMS. I know that it will go away and it usually does. There are things that I would say that I would regret later during my PMS. This is why you should refrain from being around people if you have severe PMS problems. People’s behaviors are affected by their PMS hormones. It’s true.

There are things that you can do to reduce your PMS symptoms. One thing that you can do is to exercise one day before your PMS starts. When you exercise, you will get your circulation moving and your hormones calmed. Hormones are high during PMS. They are secreting because your body preparing for the menstrual cycle. Once you exercise, the hormones will calm down and will drain to areas that will excrete out of your system. You will notice that your chest will get very tender and painful during your PMS. This is the result of hormones secreting to the areas. You can help it by doing a manual massage so that the hormone can drain faster or to other areas so that you won’t have a lot pain. You can also rest to reduce your symptoms. You can also take OTC pain medication to fight PMS symptoms and Ibuprofen is very effective against PMS symptoms. You should use OTC medication during your PMS so you can go to work and do daily things until your cycle is over. If you think plenty of water, it will help too. Water will flush your system when you are losing fluid during your cycle.


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