Why do married people cheat

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Why do married people cheat? Even the president and the governor cheat. They are married. People just can’t stay away from cheating. Why is this? It could be that they just don’t care or their relationship is dead. It’s even worse when the entire world knows about it. If you’re a public figure, cheating can ruin your career. People will never look at Bill Clinton or Mark Sanford the same way. They look at you like you’re an untrustworthy kind of person. They would think twice about doing business with you. This is the reality of being a cheater. Your wife will never look at you the same way. She will bring it up. She will always use it to defend herself in every argument. She will be paranoid over your mistress. Why do people do it?

When you’re looking from an outsider point of view, you can only blame it on the cheater but I’m sure there is more than just cheating in a relationship. People don’t cheat if they’re happy. There are a lot of reasons why people would cheat and you don’t know unless you’re in that relationship. People lost their feelings for each other. People have a bad relationship. They don’t care for each other anymore. They find someone else who treats them better or make them happier. They no longer want a relationship with their current partner. They have really lost it for the current partner. They are unethical and are users. They just don’t care and there are no other reasons. There are people who cheat because they found some benefits with the new person like wealth, intimacy, and more. It’s not always a good cheat either. People do it for gaining things too.

For example, why did Bill Clinton cheats? A lot of speculation went around and it said that Hilary was not as intimate with him as Monica. Men look for things that they are lacking. If their wives are not intimate with them, they could look for it in a new partner. When people are together for twenty years, they will be tired of each other. They look at each other like brother and sister locking at each other. They can get bored of their partners. There are so many problems in relationships and people usually cheat if there are unresolved problems. If a couple has been fighting for a year, they might as well just find love somewhere else. My parents used to fight every single day. They wanted a divorce but then decided to stay for the children. I had a woman who called my home once and was looking for my dad. I think he was tired of fighting with my mom. He wanted someone new. I was very angry when I pick up the phone and it was another woman. This is how children from affair relationship would feel too. They would really resent the cheater. People cheat because there is a reason for them to cheat. If they’re happy then they don’t cheat.


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