A Young Girls Dreams

                                            A Young Girls Dreams

When I was a young Woman naive and gullible I was raised with certain rules, you body I was told was the most precious this you have, it should be respected. I had no idea what my Mother was talking about, that just about all she did tell me,

I knew nothing of the Facts of life

For I saw only marriage and Babies that’s seemed to be the way of it, at fifteen I had my first kiss a French kiss, Yuk, how could anyone be so disgusting!!

At almost 16 I had my first serious Boyfriend, my Mother allowed him to stay for weekends, he was a couple of years older than me and of course was a lot wiser too, about sex anyway, On the first occasion when his hands reached for my breasts a feeling of panic came over me, I remembered my Mothers words and echoed them, My Mother said, I went on for a few more years saying the same thing, My Mother said, I have to respect my Body and save it for the one I love, Ah me, if id only known then what I know now.

When I reached 18 I had found out that kissing and the like was quite nice, but still I wasn’t sure that I couldn’t have a Baby by just touching, What a baby I was, but like everything it didn’t stay that way for ever.

At 19 I met The One at least I thought it was, after six months of being a perfect gentleman I was given an ultimatum, Ouch is this what being in love and proving it was all about, well if it was I didn’t like it, he damn well hurt, before I had time to dump him I was pregnant, My Mother disowned me I was a fallen Woman Girl, bit of kid, what ever

In the years that followed I had an awful lot of growing up to do

And lessons to learn, did I learn them? Well that’s another story.

                                              Judith Dupree

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