Can be your live or not

Now coming to my office in a typical winter morning, is not one of those days when you just feel beautiful has dawned, the problems of life and I am sorry and today I have already dawned with a silent decision that I do not dare say with my lips but in my mind and perennial, it is the decision that I take, only that I might ease my concerns, but as they say life-changing life in a split second I just suddenly could happen to me, perhaps a little of what some call miracles or good luck.
On this day, my boss is traveling, ie to be such a morning in which almost do not speak, nor want to deal with the phone, just want people to forget you’re there that you really want to forget about them . But we’ll have all the morning is like talking and I just want to stop hearing is so much confusion that if someone in my mind will go crazy, all this together, debt, loneliness, lack of friends, sadness, depression, all a cocktail is the most astute psychologist would like to review.
I try to write in a notebook everything you feel and what happens to me because it indicated a psychologist years ago when my parents took the initiative to an addiction because I left my quiet and was attacking my family.
But sitting there began to think how the hell I did to get there I finally had to take some luck for me that nothing had happened during my life, I left my house, lived far away, faint but never take up smoking drugs, not that, some say that the values but the truth I do not think it was just not doing my attention, I was offered many times but I slipped up the offer did not give me the winning try.
I love, or rather wanted to be my love a lot of time but none was finished being a toy for each of them, but as they say everything has a balance among them a man had a really good, but it was super cute if good, intelligent, professional, and yet it was not much better Peruvian jaja is ironic but it’s true, so I think I get along with so well that we started as friends and also had the maturity to finish without harm and on top of having a child but as they say the irony of life, died in an accident, the best man in my life and do not lose to a woman, lost against life itself.
This may be the reality of a teenager, may be your daughter or your sister, that’s why I try to capture my life in words in order to prevent some girls do not have the same life.

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