My parents did not understand me.

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My parents did not understand me.
That is a phrase that almost all teenagers listen to, but many parents have forgotten that when we age them said the same thing many times. I am a mother now that sometimes I say the same thing I told my parents but I try to forget how I felt when I told me so. If you’re a teenager and think the same thing, take a moment to think, breathe deeply and try to devise a way to talk to your parents and if you think that the conversation will only for a moment and then forgotten, and print this article pegas in my refrigerator, they will have to read it, either while taking breakfast, a paste on the wall of the bathroom if you can, they will have to read that you are the final part of our children and if you do not learn to listen and at some point we wanted to hear, can possibly commit the same mistakes that we commit or worse worse, all this can be prevented, everything has a solution, it is a matter of thinking with a cool head.
If you’re a parent and your son or daughter hit it somewhere in your house so you see, thinks that something must be happening in some of the communication and trust that our children must not okay with us, for that the mere fact that this article has reached your hands means that your child is asking for help with something, sometimes work, routine, or social activities, again raising our children in a social activity and more monotonous.
I’m not a perfect mother, but if you knew my story, I understand that worry in the fact that parents are aware and never forget they were young once, who wanted to conquer the world without measuring risk is the same as our children are wanting to do, they are gaining their own experience, but if you talked to them and told them of all of our achievements and failures, they can not measure or take into account that some of his actions could have irreversible consequences.
After finishing this article I heartily hope that you have helped you to quit, and go through where your child and say, let’s take a juice, or going to turn around, go to someplace that he like, but do not invade your space, you let the call, the task of parenting is not easy in life, we can prepare for any university to become an astronaut but nobody can prepare for fatherhood that each of us is differently by each of our children is, is a completely new world every day.
Do not expect to mourn and say why not talk to, why not listen. I hope these words will be served.


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