How Online “Make money Gurus” make money from the internet?

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You would have seen it like a million times. At least 3-4 blogs, affiliates, website or whatever pages on the internet, you’ve seen some guy making tons of money from their sites or the internet. Let me tell you how they do it.

I am a blogger and yes, I have visited tons of money making blogging “go to” sites like John Chow, Darren Rose and etc. Almost every one of these guys has the same motif in blogging for money that is blogging for some passionate niche that you would do it for free. But the thing they failed to tell is that is to blog something that not only you have passion for but for others as well which in this case is money.

Try to imagine why you go to their site in the first place. Its Money of course! Or trying to at least to make a few bucks from your own site, blogs etc. The one thing in common I can see and conclude on how the “gurus” make money is by telling people how to make money on their sites. That is the most common niche that I feel is bound to make few bucks.

You can make money with other niche as well like Tech stuff, software’s , your life and etc. but I think you would get more hits on your blog if you would post at least 5 money making post on your site like where to put your adsense ads? How to match the background to your ads and earn more money, or how to be a money making affiliate machines with click bank’s, showing your readers how much you make from adsense, linkworth, affiliates and etc.

And it’s almost so darn simple and plentiful on the worldwide web that’s it’s bound to attract most of the traffics and bloggers too as they are in it for the same thing. Money. You might argue that it’s not necessarily the case as these guys got pictures of their big payout checks, adsense balance report, huge houses, cars and other stuff to show what they do works. How else do you think they make tons of profit? With us of course!

So to conclude, Guru’s make money by telling others how to make money with affiliates eBooks, adsense and other thing s that most probably you might not need. So instead of taking their advices on how to make money, how about we try and emulate what they do.

So I dare you! Post 5 posts on your guide in making money by blogging, affiliate etc. and ping it with some blog aggregator’s like, or at least link your blog to at least 10 money making forums or what ever forums your blog niche is about and I can tell you start counting your hits. It’s going to start pouring in!


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