DIablo 3 Overview

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So far Blizzard has unmasked three of the five planed playable classes in there upcoming game Diablo 3. The classes unmasked so far are the Barbarian, Witch Doctor and the Wizard. Players will also be able to choose between the sex of each class something you could not do before in other Diablo games. The skill trees have been shown for the different classes but not many skills have. For the Barbarian  they have shown the skill trees will be BattleMaster, Berserker, and Juggernaut. For the Witch Doctor the skill trees will be Plague, Spirit, and Voodoo. For the last class Blizzard has unmasked the Wizard the skill trees will be Storm, Arcane, and Conjuration. Blizzard has decided to show us 3 different types of monsters and a few bosses that will be in Diablo 3. The three types of monsters will be Animals, Demons, and Undead. The known animal monsters Blizzard has shown are Beast, Dune Thresher, Gnarled Walker, Goatmen, Goat Shaman, Lamprey, and Scavenger. The known Demons are Activated Vessel, Berserker, Cultist, Dark Demon, Dark Vessel, Fallen, Fallen Shaman, and Malformed. The monster type with the most monsters so far is Undead witch has Crawling Torso, Ghoul, Grotesque, Skeleton, Skeleton Archer, Skeleton Executioner, Skeleton Shieldman, Skeleton Summoner, Unburied, Walking Corpse, Wraith, Wretched Dead, and Zombies. A few bosses that are sopose to make there way into Diablo 3 are Baal, Diablo, Mephisto, King Leoric, Thousand Pounder, Siegebreaker Assault Beast, and  The Mistress of Pain. Though Blizzard has not confirmed all of these bosses some have been shown in game play videos released by Blizzard.


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