Back to School Supplies – Necessity or No No?

The back to school month is coming and the supplies are being set on the shelves of every major store. These supplies are highly discounted and ready to fill the carts of dedicated moms and dads. What many parents never consider is the true necessity of these school supplies.

Does Your School Require Personal Supplies?

Many school systems do not require personal school supplies at all. The lists sent home by the teachers are “suggested” supplies and not “required” supplies. The public school system is a free school system in many states which means all the child needs is a smile and a brain and they can go to school without having one single supply in hand.

The Evolution of the Back to School Supplies

Many parents have noticed a change in recent years with the back to school list. The change is GREED. Teachers are adding supplies to the list that the school budget will not cover, but the differentiation between what the child needs and the teacher needs is not made. If there are red pens, dry erase markers, or chalk on the list – those are not back to school supplies for the child.

Personal Supplies or Public Supplies

Parents are often surprised to find out that the back to school supplies they purchase for THEIR child end up in a public collection area. Everyone can use the crayons, pencils, paper and antibacterial hand gel. There are rarely lines made between the supplies that parents purchase for their child and another child’s supplies.

Budgeting for Back to School Supplies

For parents who want to supply their classroom with back to school supplies, go with the cheapest version possible. Just because the crayons are not Crayola does not mean the colors are not the same. For the classroom than demands name branded supplies, leave those off the list and buy just the basics.

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