The simplest way to manipulate the colour of your Microsoft Word 2007 page

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For me, I have problem with the blue colour of the page and this is due to my sight problem. The brightness of the bluish page can be disturbing sometimes if I am in the daylight. When, I’m working or writing on my PC, I prefer my surrounding to be in semi-darkness to improve my vision.

By changing the page colour of my Microsoft Word 2007, I realised that the black colour is better than the blue and this makes me wonder why the black colour is not chosen from the onset to be the official page colour instead of the blue. You may want to change the colour of your MS Word 2007 page just for the fun of it and it will be to your benefit too.

1)      Open MS WORD 2007

2)      On the upper left side of the page, click on OFFICE BUTTON to open the Office menu.

3)      In the OFFICE MENU, look at the bottom edge for the button titled WORD OPTION and click it.

4)      A new page will open.  STAY ON THAT PAGE that open, that is DO NOT click any buttons on the left side of the page.

5)      In that page, LOOK in the middle for a word called SET OF COLOURS, which has a BOX and SCROLL DOWN button. In the BOX is written BLUE. Click on the SCROLL DOWN button. You will see all the three page colours; BLUE, SILVER-PLATED and BLACK.

6)      Go ahead and CHOOSE any colour you want.

7)      Then below in the box, click OK and that’s it! The colour of your MS Word 2007 page will change immediately to the colour you choose.

Anytime, you want to change your page colour, just repeat the same process and it’s as simple as that. 


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