101 Ways to Say I Love You – Some Great Tips to Help you Show How Much You Care

When was the last time you told your partner or someone close how much you loved them? Love is one of the most wonderful feelings. Here are 101 inspirational ways to express those feelings and show how much you love your family and friends. 

  1. Sometimes saying “I love you” is not enough if you say it every day or it sounds as if you don’t mean it. Why not add “I love the way you …” Or tell them “You’re special because …”
  2. Whisper “I love you” in their ear when they’re least expecting it.
  3. Write a love letter and leave it on your lover’s pillow
  4. Buy some alphabet magnets and leave a message on the refrigerator
  5. Stick love notes around the house
  6. Find Poems and Quotations that express the feelings you can’t put into words
  7. Send them flowers
  8. Learn to say the words you want to say in another language
  9. You might thank parents or someone who has always been there for you for teaching you to love unconditionally
  10. Send a text message to someone you don’t get the chance to see every day
  11. Offer to give them a massage
  12. Arrange it so at least once a week you do things together
  13. Send a card or gift for no reason
  14. You might thank a friend for being there at a time when you were down, to help you pick up the pieces of your life and make you whole again
  15. You might thank a teacher or lecturer for their guidance and additional encouragement to help you achieve and have faith in your abilities
  16. There may be someone you’d like to tell “I couldn’t have done it without you!”
  17. Give them breakfast in bed one day and insist they spend the whole day relaxing
  18. Book an overnight or weekend trip away as a surprise for them
  19. Sneak an “I love you note” in their handbag, briefcase or lunchbox
  20. Ask them what they want to do today and make this a priority
  21. Take them to the theatre
  22. Treat them with respect and really listen to their opinions
  23. Give out spontaneous hugs
  24. Hold hands when you go for walks
  25. Give a kiss, caress, gentle touch when they least expect it
  26. Do their household chores for them when they look tired
  27. Cook them a meal
  28. Write a message on the bathroom mirror while they’re in the shower
  29. Send them a card or write a love letter
  30. Suggest joint things you can do together
  31. Encourage their dreams
  32. Be there for them when they need you
  33. Remember their birthday and other special anniversaries
  34. Say nice things about them when they aren’t around
  35. Give them a compass wrapped with ribbons with a message “You are my North, South, East and West.”
  36. Dedicate a song to them on a local radio station
  37. Place an advert in a local paper letting them know how much you care
  38. Share a secret
  39. Make up a special CD of love songs
  40. Go out for a meal together
  41. Encourage them to share their hopes and dreams
  42. Give compliments when they are due
  43. Listen to their worries and anxieties
  44. Choose a special favourite song that’s meaningful for the two of you
  45. Plan a joint holiday
  46. Celebrate their successes
  47. Be excited for them when they’re happy
  48. Respect their love for their family
  49. Watch the sunrise or sunset together
  50. Laugh with each other but never at each other
  51. Have fun together
  52. Keep a photograph of them in your purse or wallet
  53. Play games together
  54. Send a card or an e-card
  55. Tell them how proud you are to be with them
  56. Go singing and splashing in the rain with each other
  57. Fill an album with photos of the moments you’ve shared
  58. Give them the most precious gift of all: your time
  59. Buy them a bunch of flowers when they’re feeling down
  60. Always put them first
  61. Give without counting the cost
  62. Cook them their favourite dish
  63. Sing a karoke duet with them
  64. Buy a gift for no reason other than you know they’ll like it
  65. Take their dog for a walk
  66. Stick up for them in front of other people
  67. Never try to censor their friendships
  68. Always respect they have their own views and you won’t always agree with each other
  69. Call them up to let them know you’re thinking about them
  70. Pay them a surprise visit if you’re separated by distance
  71. Flirt with your partner
  72. Plan the occasional surprise
  73. Ask them if they’ve had a good day
  74. Always be truthful with them
  75. Trust them as much as they trust you
  76. Show up at the big events in their life
  77. Always keep your promises
  78. Meet their friends
  79. Make time to be with them
  80. Share common interests
  81. Be sensitive to their needs
  82. When you ask what are they thinking, listen to the reply
  83. Spend quiet time with each other
  84. Visit a favourite romantic place regularly
  85. Chose a romantic nickname for them
  86. Send flowers to express what you want to say for instance Gardenia means joy, Snowdrops signify hope, Bluebells represent constancy
  87. Say it with chocolates
  88. Name a Star as a Gift for them
  89. Take them to the beach and draw a heart in the sand

You could say to your lover:

90. I will never feel lost or lonely with you around

91. I’m sorry

92. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me

93. Without you my life would have no meaning

94. You are a blessing in disguise

95. You are the sunshine to light my rainy days

96. You hold the key to my heart

97. You are my inspiration

98. You’re my lover but you’re also my best friend

99. You are my life

100. I will always be there for you

101. Each day is so much brighter because you are a part of it.

 Once you start thinking about it, there are many ways to show someone they’re special and it brings great joy too, to show your love.

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