Baptism in your life

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The Baptists are a large denomination of Protestant Christians, and believe in full-body immersion vs. some of the other Protestant denominations.  I don’t especially believe in the teachings of one denomination, and I surely don’t believe that obeying or disobeying the teachings of one denomination compared to another will keep you from entering the kingdom of God because the Bible predates the teachings of 90% of the denominations present today.

To make baptism part of your life you need to understand it’s history.  Research the Baptist teachings about baptism and how it was used in olden times and still is today.  Go to a Pastor or Reverend they are usually very open to questions about different denominations and can explain, in detail, about baptism.


The Baptists base their denomination back to the time of John the Baptist and his baptism of Jesus of Nazareth.  So It is a very old religion.  The thought that Baptists are the oldest christian denomination is a frequently argued subject by different groups.

Know that in the Baptist religion baptism does not grant you salvation.  You still must keep your heart with Jesus and follow his commandments.  Baptists believe that good deeds on Earth and living by the word of God are the way to salvation.

I hope that baptism becomes a part of your life and that, in some way, I have helped you grow in your walk with the Lord.  Always remember that when in doubt about something, above all else, turn to God for advice.


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