Useful Tips For Affordable Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

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Diamonds have the glitter to attract women and so are the engagement rings as they symbolize the eternal love the man and his woman have for each other. A diamond solitaire engagement ring gives the luster and glamour to the deep feeling of love. However, a couple should carefully select the ring as its many aspects should be first explored in order to buy a fitting and affordable one for the occasion.

For a distinct impression of the diamond its shape should be especially considered. Know that round brilliant diamonds are most popular with the brides as the shape is attractive and luminous. But a unique heart shape diamond solitaire engagement ring or a marquise shape also are perfect. If the bride-to-be is fashion conscious, then you can impress her with emerald cut shapes of diamond. Or, a princess cut may suit her if she likes square shapes.

Diamonds are costly and most of the couples certainly can not afford to purchase larger ones. Still, they can shop for a smaller and low priced diamond and make it appear larger as a solitaire diamond on the top of the engagement ring. The secret is in the settings. For instance, bezel settings nestles the smaller diamond to highlight it. Or the tension settings will make the entire band as two large prongs for even more highlighting of the diamond. Prong setting also can be a choice for bringing up the stone on the ring.

While shopping for diamonds ensure the 4Cs, namely cut, clarity, and color and carat size and keep your budget in mind. If the couples can afford only a low priced diamond than go for shallow cuts, which do not involve much costs. A colorless diamond is expensive. But with some inclusions the prices of diamonds fall substantially while the glitter is almost the same. For a low budget couple, less than one carat size diamonds are suitable and it can be adequately set for a larger appearance.

Do not rush to the jeweler’s shop to buy diamond solitaire engagement rings. You must extensively shop around for a suitable ring as you have to keep the metal band also in mind. To highlight the glitter of diamonds on the top of the ring, ensure that the metal band is comparatively less gleaming and so a white metal will be perfect.

Since you may be budget conscious, it is advisable that you compare the price offers of different jewelers. Browse the websites of the jewelers and find all the details about diamond solitaire engagement rings. To combat the competition, many jewelers can be found offering the rings and diamonds at lower prices than others, with some schemes and gifts also offered. Certainly, a suitable ring can be found in the market place once you have ensured all aspects of buying the diamond.


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