Basics of Perfect Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

Though there are many options available for the couples, but diamond solitaire engagement rings are still the preferred choices of many couples due to the elegance and simplicity associated with the rings. If you also think of going for the option, then make sure that you have first gone through all its aspects so that the purchasing is more informed and wiser.

The uniqueness and simplicity of these rings is well known amongst the jewelry buyers. There is only one diamond placed on the top of the ring, so that the stone is clearly visible. Since there are no other stones studded on the surface of the ring, the solitaire diamond gets all the attention of the onlookers.

Another feature of diamond solitaire engagement rings is that the precious stone gleams with maximum fire and brilliance. However, you must be particular in choosing a perfect setting for the precious stone.

First choose a loose diamond of adequate size. It is advisable to select a larger diamond so that it dominates over the ring even more. However, you can pick up a smaller stone as well and then set in such a way that it appears comparatively larger.

As far as shape of solitaires is concerned, round is the popular shape for the diamond. Other shapes like marquise, emerald, pear and oval are also preferred and can appear larger on the diamond engagement rings.

When picking up a right setting for the precious stone, you are given many choices. Prong setting is usually the choice of the couples when they go shopping for the solitaires. This is because prongs push up the gem way above the ring surface. This helps in making the stone stand alone and apart from any other embellishment on the ring. But other settings such as bezel, flush and tension are also the choices that the couples can make.

Do not forget to judge the diamond for its quality before purchasing it. The diamond must be purchased only after ensuring its good quality of color, cut, clarity and carat weight must also be known to the buyers. If budget is the main concern, then these parameters can be relaxed a little. Yet, the brilliance of diamond solitaire engagement rings is not reduced much. For instance, the gems with little flaws, which are invisible, can be purchased at lower costs without any reduction of the fire and brilliance of the stone.

The overall cost of these rings remains affordable for most of the couples because there is one diamond to be purchased. Moreover, the couples can reduce the cost on other features like settings and the metal bands also.

In the end, it can be said that these rings are popular because of their unique feature and affordability. But search the online market extensively for suitable diamond solitaire engagement rings.

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