Some herbal anxiety treatments for you!

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If you are suffering from any type of anxiety disorder then you should employ best anxiety treatments to get rid of this painful, undesired condition. There are several anxiety treatments available in the market but it is advisable to consult your doctor before taking any particular method. This is because not one method work for all individuals as each individual is different from other. This article will show you some of the unique and natural treatment for anxiety rather than typical anxiety medications and drugs.

We all know that role of natural herbs in treating variety of problems. In fact natural herbs are less costly than any medication and consist of vitamins, herbs and botanicals. The advantages of these natural herbs over other medications are that they do not pose any side effect onto the health. On the other hand anxiety medications are bound to pose several side effects to your health. Let’s discuss some of the popular herbs which can be used to treat anxiety and which act as the perfect anxiety treatments:

  • Lavender- This herb is very well known for its claming properties. This herb can be used to treat panic attacks and acts as a tonic for nervous system.
  • Passion flower- This natural plant can be used to treat anxiety disorders. Having claming properties, this herb reduces body tremors from fear and promotes sleep. It also acts as a painkiller and has anti depressant properties.
  • Lemon Balm- With this herb you can calm down your nervous and digestive system. It is also helpful in reducing blood pressure. This herb is usually taken along Valerian, Chamomile or passion flower.
  • Kava-  This effective tranquilizer is not an addictive substance and can be used to treat anxiety
  • Valerian- This anti anxiety herb is helpful in promoting a sound sleep and allows body to rest and recuperate.
  • Dandelion- The leaves and roots of this plant can be used to treat internal systems of the body and provide relief from some of the symptoms of anxiety. This herb is used in tea and salads and can be used as a substitute for coffee.
  • Chamomile- Tea is generally made from the leaves of chamomile flowers. This herb acts as the perfect natural alternative to treat anxiety. It reduces fever and encourages sleep. Further this herb promotes body’s metabolism.

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