What you should know about anxiety and stress?

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Anxiety and stress are related to each other. In fact stress can lead to anxiety. The symptoms of both the conditions can be really irritating. So it is essential to diagnose the cause of both and adopt suitable treatment to get rid of them. Anxiety symptoms can be caused to people who work in tension-filled working environment or staying in a relationship having problems. As the problem gets complex, the level of stress also starts to increase. Excess stress results in anxiety which may lead to other complicated problems as well.

Anxiety symptoms can occur in two forms i.e. physical symptoms and emotional symptoms. Physical symptoms will include stomach cramps, abdominal pains, headaches, dry mouth, constant sweating and trembling. Whereas emotional symptoms include stress, irritability, hotheadedness, lack of concentration, loss of sex appetite and others. Some of the other possible symptoms include continuous urination, problems like constipation and diarrhea, and abnormal heart rate.

This problem may arise due to troubles you are experiencing in your daily life. So it is better to diagnose the cause of the problem before employing any relevant treatment. Also withdrawal from drug or alcohol abuse also leads to stress. The reasons are several therefore it is recommended to go through the information about stress and anxiety either from your doctor or going through online resources. Some of the medications are also believed to cause stress and anxiety. These include cocaine, amphetamines and anti depressants.

Although severe stress and anxiety should be handled taking the help of a professional but even following some dietary and lifestyle changes can do some good to your problems. It has been evaluated by some studies that poor diet can lead to stress or anxiety. Performance anxiety is often related to particular situations like giving a presentation in public or giving a test.

If you have incurred stress or anxiety then you should first have the answers of these questions which act as the first and foremost step towards best treatment option. The questions are:

  • What do you worry about most?
  • Is something bothering you constantly?
  • Do think that there is a specific thing which is making your worried or sad?
  • Does thinking add to more anxiety in specific situations?

The answers to all these questions will help in finding the right cause of the problem and will in turn help you in taking the right treatment method.


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