Why hockey fans enjoy fights on the ice

If you ask an ardent hockey fan about fights on the ice, he would probably relate you an incident when he truly enjoyed fights on the ice.

Majority of hockey fans would never imagine ice hockey being played without the usual fights on the ice.

Even players do not fall behind when you ask them to pitch their opinions.

As San Jose Sharks centre Joe Thornton points out, “I think it would be a shame to take it out of the game, its part of hockey, like tying up your laces or shooting the puck”. That’s what he says about hockey fights on the ice.

Why do hockey fans are so crazy about fights on ice?

You need to watch hockey games on ice to find an answer for yourself. It is perhaps an anticipation of a fight on the ice that excites passionate fans and brings them to the stadium to watch ice hockey encounters.

What else could be? Fans are probably more interested in fights on the ice than the game itself.

Hockey fights had been going on from the very beginning; the professional hockey leagues such as NHL had witnessed fights on the ice from the day 1 of the league itself.

Nobody had any qualms about the fights, which became a regular feature on the ice hockey circuit.

The debate picked up when Ontario senior league player Don Sanderson met with a very unfortunate end to his life after a fight.

He was 21, young and had a great future ahead of him. To witness a death that could have been avoided, moved many of the older fans, and then voices were raised from all quarters to end fights on the ice.

Hockey fans would never take this, though little shaken by the death, they would never want to lose the excitement that comes out of a fight.

Fans derive immense satisfaction from activities which stars indulge to make the game more unpredictable.

Hockey fans do not want games to be stereotyped, they like to see intensity in the game, that’s the reason these fans had come all the way to watch games. Aggression mixed with intensity give rise to a volatile situation that produces fight.

There’s more to fights on ice, hockey matches being played on ice need to promote fights.

If there’s no fight then the games would become dull and from a fan’s perspective they would feel the cold much more.

There won’t be any adrenaline pumps.

Moreover, fights generate a lot of adrenalin pumps, which makes you excited and wanting for more.

That’s the reason hockey fans shell out good money that’s stashed inside their pockets, to watch ice hockey games.

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