The history and development of WrestleMania

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The advent of WrestleMania changed the course of professional wrestling in United States.

It changed the sport of wrestling in terms of television viewer ship.

WrestleMania brought millions from the advertisers to the sport of wrestling.

If you are an ardent fan of WrestleMania, you would certainly agree to the fact that WrestleMania is probably the most watched sport across North America.

Nobody would deny that. The format of the sport has brought rare reviews from the experts.

If go through the history and development of WrestleMania, you would find WrestleMania has done everything to woo audiences.

The show was modeled on WWE championships. The signings of the big stars along with star studded commentators had truly enlivened WrestleMania.

WrestleMania was started in 1985 by Vince McMahon. The inaugural WrestleMania was held in the city of New York. The Madison Square Garden where it was held was almost filled to capacity.

The first WrestleMania was a huge success from the financial perspective and it created a platform for further WrestleMania matches in the coming years.

WrestleMania evolved through the years, and in the year 2000, the first triangular ladder match was held.

The best part about WrestleMania is that it produced new experience for its viewers every year. The crowds kept swelling through the years. The interest was always there.

The organizers tried many new ways to maintain the interest of the viewers.

They brought celebrities to WrestleMania, boxing stars Muhammad Ali, and Mike Tyson had witnessed matches at WrestleMania. There had been few others who were a part of WrestleMania, for instance, Real Estate tycoon; Donald Trump made a lot of appearances at WrestleMania.

History says a lot about WrestleMania.

If you look through the event and matches that were held in WrestleMania, there were things that happened for the first time in WrestleMania.

The third edition of WrestleMania witnessed a record breaking crowd attendance. The indoor stadium was pumped as fans swelled up to more than 93,000 for the fights.

Each year there was a new change and WrestleMania grew to unimaginable heights. The man behind the show, Vince McMahon should be credited with promoting the sport to the levels never achieved.

The craze that developed appealed to even those who were never fans of wrestling.

Such was the impact that even professional wrestlers wanted to be a part of the show. WrestleMania certainly still has a lot to offer, as passionate fans still wait eagerly for the show to commence during the month of March every year.


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