SkyCross Acquires Shanghai Universe to Expand Its Global Reach

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SkyCross is a global wireless company providing antenna solutions to the mobile phone, home entertainment, and computing industries. SkyCross provides high-performance antenna technology bundled with RF system-level expertise and responsive regional support. This convenient approach empowers device manufacturers to develop winning consumer electronics products and deliver them to market faster and easier.

This is a very good indication that not everyone is suffering or feeling the impact of the financial crisis that is plaguing this country and many others. It is possible that the economy is part of the reason that acquisitions such as this are possible.
SkyCross one of the world’s leading antenna solutions companies announced today that it has acquired Shanghai Universe Communication Electronics Co. Ltd., an innovative antenna manufacturer. This strategic acquisition enables SkyCross to provide expanded global support, including award-winning antenna technology, widespread local offices, and high-volume manufacturing to wireless consumer electronics companies.

The combined company serves a range of market segments, including handsets, data cards, USB dongles, laptops, access points, mobile personal entertainment devices, and more. Existing SkyCross and Shanghai Universe customers will benefit from the expanded resources immediately, and channels are also in place to support the growing demand from new customers.

All facets of the company including sales, engineering, and production have expanded as a result of the acquisition. Customers can now access SkyCross antenna technology, which bundles high performance, small size, competitive pricing, and exclusive iMAT® design techniques from a broader network of local offices. OEMs will also enjoy the faster time-to-market enabled by Shanghai Universe manufacturing facilities.


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