Wanted – Truly Different

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There are not many movies which makes you glued to the screen even though you know that the story is off the boil, Wanted is just one. The movie starts off with a quite remarkable shooting sequence, which is kind of never seen before. The movie then follows the day to day life of Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy), who works with a toe-crushing boss and with a girlfriend who cheats on him with his best friend. He suffers from panic attack and keeps taking pills. He leads a routine life when it changes all of a sudden when he meets Fox (Angelina Jolie) in a Pharmacy. Watch out for the Car Chase after he meets her and its quite astounding.

He is then taken back to the Fraternity, an organization which follows a principle of killing guys, when their names appear on the woven cloth and which is deciphered by Sloan (Morgan Freeman). Sloan tells him that the guy, who tried him to kill him in the Pharmacy, is the guy who has killed Gibson’s father. He is then entrusted the role of killing that guy, and there starts the rigmarole of action, sentiment and double cross which leads to a quite fitting climax.

James McAvoy gives a pleasing performance and Angelina Jolie is her own self in action sequences. You will sympathize with James when he is constantly bullied by her boss and cheer him when he returns the favor to her in his cabin. The action sequences are brilliantly done, with the Climax fight being a top notch. Morgan Freeman does his work with simple elegance which is associated with him. The cast is will supported by the others such as the Bomb Guy and the one who dodges bullets with his knife. The special effects spices up this edge off the seat action thriller. The swerving bullet, train fight sequence and the climax sequence can be quite a good example, where the special effects has done it’s part.

The scenes in the film where Gibson is brutally beaten in training to be part of their Fraternity, is quite gruesome. If there are any scenes which make you grouse, those are the ones. You cannot actually associate with the Fraternity, and if such an organization can ever exist. But that’s what the cinema is all about, bringing such things to the celluloid. The film is directed by Timur Bekmambetov, who has earlier done films like The Arena, Night Watch and Day Watch. He had done a decent job, I would say.

The film is a racy, action thriller and if you are film buff who loves action, here is the one to watch. To conclude, I would say, the movie is a decent watch and worth the money.


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