iPhone 3G + OS 3.0 : Revolutionary iPhone with enhanced feature

iPhone comes with revolutionary touch screen technology. It has all it needs to be the number one in music, entertainment and phone function. For the call function, we can easily tap the phone number in the screen, using virtual numeric keypad. When the number has been saved into our phone book, we simply touch the names in the phone book, and touch the phone number. It has also simple access to voice mail, because there was a voice mail button in the call menu. With iPhone we can also do multi tasking job when we’re in the phone mode.  We can check email (while we’re in 3G mode), SMS, calendar, even playing games. When we want to return back to call menu, simply touch the phone identifier in top of the screen.We can send SMS also by touch the name in the phone book and touch create text message menu. New in OS 3.0, we can send MSS contain photos in out photo gallery or directly shooted photo.

This iPhone 3G has iPod functionality to play music and videos. Like ipod touch, simply scroll the song list to the song we want to play and touch the song in the song list. It has loud and clear sound. We can hear the sound via speaker or head set. It has 3.5 mm audio jack to be used by standard audio headset device. We can esily buy song from iTune store, also movie and TV shows. We can watch video in the wide screen in the landscape mode.

With iPhone 3G we can also find our location in the map, because it has already GPS functionality. Even we can get direction from one place to another place on the map. We can change our view mode on the map by choosing map view, satellite view, hybrid view, and street view.  The precision of this GPS is quite accurate.

For internet connetion, we can connect to the internet with Safari Internet browser. If we are in 3G coverage, we can get 384 kilo bytes per second download connection speed. We can open up to 9 windows of safari browser at the same time. We can also easily download emails, to our iphone using email menu, with more than one email accounts. There is also a push emal feature for our email accounts, new incoming emails will be automatically retrieved to our iPhone. If we are in Hot Spot area, we can connect to the internet via Wifi. Usually we can download massive large of data or appication when we used WiFi.

The disadvantage of this iPhone 3G is it has really limited battery lifetime. For Normal usage, it can only resist in approximately one and half day. If we use frequent 3G internet connection or WiFi, or music player, it will not resist in 1 day. To increase the battery lifetime there are some tips easy to do. We can decrease the level of screen brightness, because more brightness can consume more power. We can also disable push email feature, 3G and Wifi. Use 3G and WiFi only if we will make internet connection. Last but not least, always charged the battery whenever we have a chance. Hopefully these tips are useful.

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