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Do you know the advantage of web proxy? The web proxy allows you to protect your privacy and hide your identity when you surf the web. You can also hide your true IP address to prevent the hackers. It also prevents any third parties, for example, your leadership, parents, or your wife and children look at your browser history and allow you to surf without leaving any traces. When you use web proxy to visit web sites, web masters, including a hacker can only see the connecting information from the web proxy; they cannot get any information of your computer. In addition, cookies information of the site visited through the web proxy will be directly stored in your computer. Downloading the software through the web proxy can help you filter out some dangerous files containing the risk of viruses and Trojan. This makes your browsing experience more secure. At last, most of the web proxy is completely free!

Usemm is a free online web proxy server from China. It also has an English homepage although the Chinese version has more functions. Its server is placed in the U.S. As a Chinese website, its compatibility is very good. Its loading speed is fast and also supports SSL, which means you can visit https sites such as Gmail, MySpace, Orkut or Facebook. As most of the free web proxy, it has a banner ad showed on top of the site you visit. But as the ad is very small, it won’t affect your surfing.

To use the English version (I think most of you don’t understand Chinese), just follow these steps. Enter the page you want to visit in the address bar next to the “Web URL”, and then click “Go” button.

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