Renowned Dog-Cat-Rat Man Fined By Peter Jamison in Breaking News, Crime, Local News, SF Oddities, WTF?

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Gregory Pike, San Francisco’s renowned “Dog-Cat-Rat Man,” was found guilty this afternoon on a misdemeanor charge of public obstruction for drawing large crowds at the corner of Geary and Powell with his beloved animal act.

As a result, he said, he plans to leave San Francisco, where he has sojourned for roughly a year, and return to his hometown of Bisbee, Ariz. “Thank the public for me,” Pike said after his verdict. “When I leave here in two weeks, I’m not coming back.”

Pike said he was fined $236 by a San Francisco Superior Court judge for the public-obstruction charge, which was filed several months ago. He said he does not plan to pay up. Said Pike after the ruling, “Is it illegal to be so good at what you do that you draw a big crowd?” He added, “That doesn’t sound right.”

Pike has trained a rat to stand on top of a cat that stands on top of a dog. (The animals’ names are Mousey, Kitty, and Booger, respectively.) Click here for our video of this spectacle.

The act has been a huge hit among tourists on Fisherman’s Wharf and at Union Square, and has earned Pike celebrity on YouTube. But let’s face it, folks: Creatures that make people happy and get along without a lot of clawing and screeching probably have better places to call home than San Francisco.


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